Automation & AI Implementation

Comprehensive Automation Solutions

This is our flagship service. Your business will receive access to its own expert automation team which consists of an automation strategist, project manager, and automation developers who handle everything end-to-end. All you’ll need to do is share your ideas and business challenges and we’ll solve them quickly with low-cost automation solutions.

What it is:

A fully managed service where we work with you weekly to identify, research, plan, implement, deploy, and maintain automations + AI.

Who it’s for:

Leaders of growing companies that lack in-house tech expertise or heads of departments that are about to bear the brunt of the next growth spurt.

Why it's important:

Process automation and AI are more accessible, applicable, and affordable than ever. More automation equals leaner operations, which means higher profits for your business. This also means your competitors are likely thinking about this too, beat them to it.

At the opportune moment:

Typically, when growth and change are imminent and you feel like current tools, systems, and processes will strain or limit growth.

How to begin:

With an introductory phone call to discuss if this service is right for your environment.
Schedule a consultation.

The automations built by Begin have helped us take the workload off of our staff by eliminating redundant and consistent manual processes. Thanks to this, our quality of service and consistency are the highest that they’ve ever been and probably among the highest in the market.

Jason H.President, Mammoth Five Star Lodging


Each month, you’ll see:


Bottlenecks melting away


Increased team productivity


Increased team creativity


Deeply integrated systems


Continuous, transparent communication regarding progress


A stronger technological competitive advantage


Reduced operational and reporting errors


Automation Documentation and Training Materials